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New scavenger. Not entirely sure about this one, though he'll be a good way to scare off potential visitors. He'd do well to stick close, even if he's so obviously under the impression he can take care of himself. Just wait, though, until someone comes after him. He'll need a pack.

Heh. Alpha.

It's nearly afternoon, and most of the city should be awake by now. Zachery has been awake for several weeks, seeing as he hasn't actually had a host in this long. And some would argue, by the way he's trying to stick a scalpel in his own thigh bone, that he could probably use some sleep. He's sitting on a couch in the middle of the main room of the Morlock tunnels, having pushed the sharp instrument through the plasm of his leg and peering thoughtfully at its tip. Hm.

There's something to be said about the smell of the tunnels when you have a heightened sense of smell. Thalin's been appearing off and on down here; mainly off when the aliens were gone but now he's back to his old schedule of here I am... now I'm not. The big black wolf is just that, he's in his wolf form as he swerves through the sparse crowd of mutants down here until he gets the couch within better sight and he just glances over. "What the..." It may not be a broken sentence, but it's easy to say with a muzzle... at least for him.

Zachery's skull tilts upward, eyes rolling to peer at Thalin. The bodysnatcher lets out a short hiss, but sounds unperturbed when he speaks up, "And here I thought you had gone and disappeared on us." One hand stays on the scalpel, the other goes to idly scratch at the back of his skull.

Thalin arches a brow in an unimpressed fashion at the hiss, with the look like 'I've heard better for an actual wild cat' and then he lets out a small chuckle before he shifts into his hybrid form. Rolling his neck afterwards to cause a crick to come from it as he settles down in a sitting position. "I wander from place to place. Had to leave due to the aliens. Visited Maryland. Nice forests down there."

"So I hear." Zachery mutters, turning back down to the scalpel and fidgeting it left and right a bit. "Still, if you're going to be staying down here more often, there's a few things I would like to discuss with you."

Thalin turns his head back from looking behind him, and then arches a furred brow. Though it's probably unseen due to the hue of his fur. "Oh? And what're those?" asks Thalin with a bit of a curious tone. His tail is twitching behind him before he just curls it around and rests it on his leg.

Zachery pulls the scalpel out of his leg with a vaguely sickening -schlp-, pointing it in Thalin's direction with little regard as to how close he's actually swinging it. The slit in his leg caused by the blade threads back together and heals up as new. "You, my canine friend, need to know three things."

The schlp sound elicits a small gag from Thalin. God that sounded nasty and then he sets his gaze going right past it, and right at Zach's face. Scalpel in face isn't that frightening to the wolf and he says, "Name them."

Zachery eyes Thalin for a second or two, lowering the scalpel to go back to work at his leg for no readily apparent reason. "First off, you will not tell anyone about this place unless you are absolutely sure they mean no harm. And by absolutely sure, I mean if you bring anyone down here who /does/ mean harm, I will find a way to kill you. Yes?" Completely and utterly serious, here.

Wouldn't be the first time he's done something along these lines, either.
Thalin gives a nod and says, "I understand. No one I trust completely is to come down here." And that accounts for... oh... the normal human population and the majority of the mutant side as well.

"Good." Zachery mutters, attention still downward. "Second, I..." His shoulders drop a little, and he peers up. "Actually... I suppose there's just that one thing you need to know. Apart from maybe that you hurting anyone down here will also result in a rather bad case of death, but I assume you were aware."

Thalin gives a small nod after a silent chuckle at the body snatcher's expense. "Gotcha. Hurt anyone down here and I have you to deal with. It's like a wolf pack. Hurt the members and you deal with the Alpha." He scratches at the back of his head, letting out a yawn that's laced with a whine at the end. "I can only assume there's more mutants down here that who're present, right?"

Zachery nods sharply, pulling the scalpel out again to shove it in between his ribs. Hey, no pockets. It works. "The number changes. They come and go, though mostly come."

Thalin lets out a small ah before he reaches up and scratches behind an ear idly before he looks back over at Zach. "So... are you always like that? Or is this just some phase you go through. Cause, damn, you look like hell." Thalin's direct... sometimes... too direct.

Zachery sits back, letting out something that's strangely right in between a hiss and a chuckle. Though by no account hostile. "Like... what? Blue, transparent and slightly off my rocker? Because that's pretty much... just me."

Thalin laughs a bit and then says, "Ah, I see. I guess I'm going to need to get used to this. Lived in the wilderness for four or something years and you've got to be the strangest thing I've seen. Bar none."

Zachery folds his arms over his chest, skull angling curiously. Despite a lack of expression on his face, he sounds content saying, "Considering we're in the territory of the bizarre, weird and inexplainably odd, I think I'll take that as a compliment."

Thalin stands up and stretches his arms over his head for a moment before he says, "Down here, it's meant to be one it seems like." He leans forward and shifts into his wolf form; landing on all fours as he then glances over at Zach. "See ya." Then he's off wandering the tunnels once more. Maybe he'll find something interesting. Or freak people out at Subway stations.

Zachery lifts a hand in a halfhearted wave. "You're a Morlock scavenger now. Prove yourself and maybe you'll prove yourself an actual member some day. Welcome to the Tunnels, Rover." You can has nickname.

Thalin stops walking and looks back at Zachery, his eyes glowing the light blue in the darkness before he looks back ahead of him and shakes his head. "Ugh," mutters the wolf. He's going to regret that nickname.