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((OOC: I know I've been horrible with musings lately, I'll try to keep up from now on again))

Remind me why I let him down here again?

Jackson is down in the Tunnels. The way I see it, either something genuinely bad has happened to him, or he is being melodramatic over a spat with Rene. (The latter seems more likely.) Seeing as he appears to be living down here now, I should probably find out one of these days.

I've not been going topside so much, lately. Sometimes I still feel like certain people could be just around the corner, ready to snap another collar on me, or just plain murder me right then and there once I'm already in a host. But it's fine. If Mendel had truly wanted me gone, she'd have tried something else by now. Surely.

Heh. It's strange, when Sparkles used his... whatever it is that he does to imitate my appearance, I realized something. All my life I've been wondering why me, why didn't I stay normal? Perhaps I should have been wondering 'why not him?' Perhaps there was something in his physiology that kept from from mutating. Perhaps I need to look into this. I can't properly dissect him, of course. Not in these conditions. Also, he's my brother. That reason probably should have come first.</i> But it's still interesting. What if he'd have been just like me?

Maybe he got the short straw. What an excellent way to look at things!