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Scanning the newspapers.

I have to keep up with the news, haven't I? I have to keep up with things that might have to do with me. Or my Morlocks. Or anything that could come between the two and safety.

It is this way that I noticed the news of the deaths of two particular people I knew, just now. One was perhaps considered a friend once, then proved herself to be something completely different. And now, she has proved herself dead.

Good things come in twos, right? Perhaps I will find myself a pot of gold later.

And speaking of things that can be found under the rainbow, Jackson appears to have disappeared again. Which might be for the best, since Chloe and him decided to... redecorate my room with hearts and... no matter. It's fixed now. And blue. I suppose it does look a little less gloomy.

I should seek out Rene some time again. Perhaps the boy just ran back there. Or perhaps I was right all along, and it just isn't right.