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"I could set your room on real fire."

My judging of character appears slightly impaired when intoxicated. Not a great surprise, on would say, but it was when I was, as said, not quite sober. Also a surprise was that I was on fire.

Or I wasn't. But Tessier made me think it for a moment, either way. I suppose now I know for certain what he does. This was too specific. Teaches me that going back to trying to share some info about myself is bad. No, keeping it all to yourself is good. Keep people topside strangers. Acquaintances at best. All of them. Rene might or might not be an exception to this, seeing as he already knows more about me than I'd like him to.

I must have passed out soon afterwards. Why he just didn't throw me out on the streets is a complete mystery to me. And I don't like it. That was not a pleasant waking up to his voice and.... whoever that was.

I am not a puppy.

... I know I should be staying as far away from that place as possible, but I wonder what would happen if I left a letter to the girl who was there. Desiree? Her question of "Work?" suddenly sounds like opportunity.

... Hell. Emmett. Please tell me he's back in the Tunnels.